So, you’ve invited your closest friends over for a winter dinner party, and with the wine chosen and the to-die-for charcuterie board ready to go, it’s now time to create your Pinterest-worthy dinner table setting.

Kelly Tate, owner of Oscar + Willow on King William Road, said the way a table is set contributes to the ambience of a dinner party, just as much as the food and wine.

Kelly’s first tip on setting your table for a winter dinner party is to choose a theme or colour palette.

“This winter I’m loving emerald and charcoal paired together. The charcoal sets the mood for an intimate night, while accentuating the lively, fresh, radiant green and blue hues of the emerald,” she said.



“The next step is to add layers of texture, this will make the table inviting for your guests. Achieve this by selecting linen napkins, fabric placemats or a statement table runner.

“A wooden platter or wooden chopping board (with a delicious freshly baked loaf of course) adds warmth to any setting through the wood’s natural colour and texture.

“To juxtapose the warmth of the wood, I love to pair it next to fresh white serving plates. Marble is on trend at the moment and adds a modern, clean touch.”

And to complete the look, Kelly’s advice is to add a few simple finishing touches, like candles, fresh flowers or green foliage.

“Candles are a lovely way to add an air of luxury to your room, while fresh flowers or lush green foliage are magical next to emerald.”

To find the perfect items for your next dinner party table setting visit the extensive selection of homeware + giftware stores on King William Road.