Eyebrows. They have been the beauty statement for the past 2 years showing no signs of slowing down. Much like hair colour and style not one shape suits all faces, as we all learnt from the “Rachel” cut in the 90’s.  Attaining the “perfect brows” is achievable by recognising your face shape, and understanding the angles to best create arches that flatter your features.  The perfect brow shape can not only make you look years younger, but highlight your eyes and flatter your hair style.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that it doesn’t end at the shape, brow tint, powders, pencils, gels and setting waxes have soared in popularity. With the latest make up trend focusing on symmetrical, highly defined brows, understanding your shape and colour to best suit your skin tone has never been more important.

First things first. How can you create the best brow shape for your face?

At Ooh La La Lash Boutique, our therapist first analyse the shape of your face, which could be:

We then look at the toning of your skin, selecting a tint colour that best accentuates your brows. Most clients now are requesting a fuller brow, bye bye 80’s thin line and 90’s upside down “Nike” tick brows. If clients have over plucked or waxed in the past we use tint to stain surrounding skin and colour finer shorter hairs, until the brows grow back.

Clients love the result you get from a tint. It not only allows our clients to wear less makeup or even go make up free, but it also assists in clients following the shape we achieve for them instore at home when applying their brow powder. Ooh La La Lash Boutique clients love our signature Australian range, Luxe Lash Concepts Brow Kit.

The kit comes in two colours, light and deep. Each kit has two colour discs, a setting wax and small applicator brush. Applying the setting wax to freshly brushed brows,  followed by applying the powder. After two minutes the wax sets making brows smudge proof and waterproof unless removed with cleanser and warm water. Perfect for all day wear and to keep brows on point in between tint appointments. As most clients find they require an eyebrow wax every three weeks with the tint lasting 10 days.

So, how can you get the perfect brows for you? Visit the team at Ooh La La Lash Boutique, the lash and brow specialists in Adelaide and mention this article and receive a FREE eyebrow tint and wax when you purchase an Luxe Lash Concepts Essential Brow Kit, which includes all your brow needs in a cute toiletry bag.

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