The beauty industry has never seen such a focus on the importance of brows and with so many options available to achieving the perfect brow, we chatted to Alexia from Alexia Makeup • Hair • Beauty on King William Road to learn a little more about microblading.

Alexia says: “The overall goal of microblading is to enhance your eyebrows in the most natural way that is available and the treatment is customised for each client.

How does it work?

Using microneedles with pigment to create hair-like strokes. This is performed to add fullness and shape to your current brows, whether you have a lot, little or no eyebrow hair.

Alexia says: “The results can immediately change the appearance of your brows but true results come after the touch-up, which happens after 30 days.  Individual results can vary for each client, depending on skin type, adherence to aftercare and lifestyle for each individual”


What is the process?

How much? $550 which includes your aftercare pack and follow up appointment. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your appointment.

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