How to embrace the minimal makeup trend in 2018?

With the warmer months on the way, now is the time to rethink and reinvent your makeup regime. This year’s Spring/Summer makeup trends embrace natural, wearable looks with simple skin, brushed brows and long lashes. King William Road is Adelaide’s home of beauty, and with experienced beauticians, professional products and expert services, our retailers have all the tools you need to ensure you’re confident in the skin you’re in! Read on to discover how you can achieve bare-faced beauty on King William Road this season.

Mister Morris’ resident makeup artist, Cassandra, emphasises the importance of starting with healthy skin. “Completing a daily skin care routine will provide a perfect canvas for your makeup, resulting in a beautiful, luminous finish,” she says, “Keeping your products to a minimum is also key to creating a fresh look – remember, less is more!” Cassandra recommends approaching your makeup routine with a light hand and adding more product where necessary, “With makeup it’s all about layering in the right places, with the right amount. This will create a natural, polished appearance.”

When it comes to nailing your base in Spring and Summer, endota spa ambassador and renowned makeup artist, Teneille Sorgiovanni, recommends reaching for mineral makeup. “A natural mineral powder is always a great option because it’s buildable and look beautiful on the skin,” she advises. “I love the endota spa Mineral Powder Foundation, it is enriched with Kakadu plum and hylaronic acid that nourishes your skin whilst giving it the ultimate glow!” Teneille believes the new season is all about getting creative and experimenting with makeup tips and tricks, “One of my favourite beauty hacks is to mix mineral powder foundation with a little bit of primer to create a liquid foundation – it creates more of a medium coverage and gives a flawless yet natural finish,” she says. 

Full brows and long lashes are here to stay for the 2019 season, and with the services available from Ooh La La Lash Boutique, on-trend features are only an appointment away. “Our clients can’t get enough of our Luxe Lash Lift,” says founder, Ashlea. “Introduced in 2013, this incredible service takes a traditional eyelash tint to a whole new level. By lifting and colouring your natural lashes from the root, we’re able to give the illusion of longer, curlier lashes 24/7 without extensions or mascara.”

Known for their range of award-winning professional beauty services, Ooh La La Lash Boutique has made it even easier to create a salon perfect look every day, with their exclusive range of eyebrow products. “Many clients confided in us that between their regular eyebrow tinting and waxing services, they struggle to achieve their desired colour and shape at home.” Ashlea says. “I created this range to assist clients in their daily make up application – it includes a stencil set with four different shapes, two colour shades, a setting wax ensuring your brows last all day and a professional angled eyebrow brush; all to get a make-up artist’s finish.”

All of our experts agree that the most important element of Spring/Summer makeup is to highlight natural features and embrace a personal interpretation of minimalist style. With the help of the range of products and treatments available on King William Road, anyone can achieve a confident and beautiful barely-there look for the season ahead.