Kate Campbell opened Coltish when she returned to Adelaide after living in Sydney, whilst studying fashion. For almost 3-years, Kate has lived and breathed everything that goes into running Colitsh, and she now shares this with her Mum, Ann who works in the boutique with Kate.

Kate Campbell, with her Mum, Ann

You work closely together everyday, you clearly have a close bond as mother and daughter. What motivates you everyday to keep going?

Ann: Working in the boutique, it gives me a sense of purpose after retiring from a long career in nursing. Helping a customer to find something that they feel great in keeps me motivated to come back each day.

Kate: I’ve always wanted to be a successful business owner, so this keeps me motivated to keep working hard on the boutique. I won’t lie, I don’t feel motivated every single day, but I think the secret to maintaining motivation is to always celebrate the wins, no matter how small they are.

Ann, you and Kate are obviously close, what is the greatest lesson she has taught you?

Ann: You have to be flexible with life, things don’t always turn out the way that you had imagined, and sometimes that’s even better.


Mothers Day is coming up, how do you plan to spend Mothers Day together?

Ann: A lovely dinner (not cooked by me!) with the family and a bottle of bubbly.

Kate: I will be in the kitchen cooking and making a home cooked meal for mum. We will have the family over for dinner.

What is the perfect Mothers Day gift that you would like to receive and Kate, what do you love to give your Mum for Mothers Day?

Ann: Hugs from my children are enough for me.

Kate: I love to gift mum beautiful things that I know she will get use out of, or wear all the time. We’re both big earring lovers, so jewellery is always a great choice!


What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Ann: A healthy, happy family.

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