As we wake up to icy air whistling outside and the sky washed with grey, pulling on our thick gloves, socks and lacing up our winter boots in the morning, then sliding into our slippers in the evening are habits many of us are guilty of.

Throughout winter you’d be forgiven for forgetting about your hands and feet after being hidden under gloves, shoes and socks all day, but with cold weather sapping moisture from the skin, our hands and feet are often left begging for some tender loving care!

Georgina Jamieson, co-founder of MediPedi Nail Spa, said frosty air and cold winds are the main offenders when it comes to your hands drying out during winter.



“On top of this, the difference in temperature from outside to inside thanks to our love of heating also causes our hands to dry and become cracked,” she said.

“When it comes to feet we often see clients with corns, calluses on the top of their toes and ingrown toenails caused by constant rubbing from boots and winter shoes.

“Cracked heels are also a common problem at this time of year, caused by cold temperatures and failing to moisturise.”

So, what are the solutions? How can we hydrate and refresh our hands and feet to be healthy all year round?

At home, Georgina recommends that you moisturise your hands two to three times a day and massage cuticle oil into your cuticles once a day. Feet should be moisturised morning and night.

“Also wear gloves when you go outside and rubber gloves when doing housework – exposure to hot water and chemicals can strip your skin of its natural oils,” she said.

“During winter, I recommend a deep moisturising foot balm containing urea, this key ingredient works as a debriding agent, helping you shed dry and flaky skin.

“Also wear good quality woollen socks to ensure feet are able to stay warm, and allow feet to breathe in closed shoes.”

Georgina said the only way to safely and effectively remove calluses and corns, and treat cracked heels is by visiting a podiatrist.

“At MediPedi we offer Adelaide’s best Medical Pedicure. You start the appointment with the podiatrist who will assess, advice and treat any skin and nail conditions, leaving your feet feeling healthy, smooth and comfortable again,” she said.

“The next step of the treatment is a luxurious foot massage, nail shape and nail paint by our qualified nail therapists.

“A motivating factor to provide this service was that so many women and men neglect seeing their podiatrist, choosing only to have pedicures as they like the aesthetic finish.

“We bring together the indulgent pampering of a nail spa, with a specialised podiatry service – all in the one appointment.”

Georgina’s top tip for beautiful hands and feet during winter is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

“I would recommend having a medical pedicure every six weeks, and a signature manicure every three weeks, which includes a hand soak, hydrating scrub and lotion massage – perfect for re-moisturising your hands,” she said.

“There’s no reason why your hands and feet can’t be in healthy, beautiful condition during winter.”

Your checklist for beautiful hands and feet in winter