Mesha is a mum of two and is everyday juggling the balance of being a Mum all whilst running St Louis Ice Cream with her husband. Like many working parents, the constant balancing act is about compromise as Mesha and her husband share the workload both at home and at work.

Mesha, Operations Manager at St Louis Ice Cream

St Louis Ice Cream has grown significantly since you opened your first store, you now have seven stores in South Australia, how do you balance motherhood with running your business?

My day starts early, and mornings are always busy, but without fail I take time to sit with my husband George in the mornings and we share a strong Greek coffee while the children have their breakfast. From here its about finding some time in the day to generate balance amongst the madness. Some exercise, yoga, laughter and healthy eating all contribute to the balance.

St Louis Ice Cream
Mesha wears dress an fur vest from Husk Boutique on King William Road.

What motivates you everyday?

My family. Seeing the happiness on my children faces at school pick up, spending quality time with my beautiful husband and sharing in his dreams and aspirations, aswell as allowing deep conversations with our parents and friends.

Who inspired you to get you where you are today?

My mother and father. They always instilled in me to never give up or become complacent, that life throws challenges along our journeys and we must be prepared to grow and learn from them. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How do you plan to spend Mothers Day with your family?

Waking to two very excited children I expect, with a big morning cuddle from both. Then sharing some precious time with my mum at her gorgeous property in Crafers, along with afternoon tea with my mother-in-law and our extended family.

St Louis Ice Cream

Can you share a favourite memory with your Mum?

A favourite memory of mine is reflecting on the time we would spend together during the school holidays. My mum used to take us to spend time with her mum (our grandmother). I loved them both teaching me life skills like baking, sewing, knitting etc. Moments I will treasure forever.

What is the greatest lesson your children have taught you?

To be present. We are so blessed to live the life we do, with good health and surrounded with lots of love, they have taught me to ’switch-off’ and direct my thoughts inwards, being present is something we talk a lot about. “Its not about looking left and right, its about looking forwards and inwards.”

What is the perfect Mothers Day gift that you like to receive/love to give?

Coffee and breakfast made by my two little beauties with the help of my wonderful husband of course! And maybe some gifts the children have made at school. 

What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Simplicity. Living a simple life with my family and growing old with my best friend.

St Louis Ice Cream

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