If you haven’t yet had the Parisi’s dining experience and met Chantal, Antony and Simone, the siblings and owners of Parisi’s Restaurant, and the off-spring of long time La Trattoria owner, Andy – you don’t know what you have been missing. A sibling dynamic and passion for delicious Italian food is what makes Parisi’s a long time favourite of King William Road, as they have been a resident for almost 15 years.

Simone, owner of Parisis Restaurant

Sisters, Simone and Chantal are also busy working Mum’s managing their family needs with the business and in the lead up to Mothers Day, we chatted to the Simone about how she does it.


How do you balance motherhood with running Parisis with Chantal and Antony?

Well being in a family business that is a huge help. We have to help each other out, we all pick up and drop our kids to all their commitments. Grand parents and my husband…  are a huge help. it has been 16 years of juggling hospitality and children. I now can get them to start helping me out in the business so I have come full circle. I don’t think the kids have missed out on much at all, they also get to see a business environment, and I believe that is not a bad thing. 

Simone enjoying a meal at Parisis with her Mum

What motivates you everyday?

I am a passionate person and I get motivated by seeing people being happy, enjoying themselves for their special moments in life here at our restaurant. The vibrant atmosphere, the fast pace of the busy times. Also Parisi’s being their favourite place to eat is what motivates me.


Who inspired you to get you where you are today?

We grew up in the restaurant game, Dad being the owner of La Trattoria, I was born into watching the restaurant vibe. We would be watching him and even our grandparents at Marcelina’s running their restaurants. We loved being involved then as teenagers as we used to come in a help with the busy nights. Being a part of these iconic restaurants growing up was amazing, I think that this is why I love people watching, then add the food and wine and you never know what the day will bring, Mick Jagger or a wedding.


How do you plan to spend Mothers Day with your family?

We are always working!! Mothers day is one of our busiest days and everyone loves to spoil their Mums. We do make time to get a breakfast or a coffee in at least. 

Can you share a favourite memory with your Mum?

Mum is very creative and can make anything you asked especially with her self taught dress making skills, all my formal dresses with the 90’s taffeta or my wedding dress which was so well done. I was very proud to walk down the aisle in her creation. She is a perfectionist, even to the little good luck charm that she sewed into the bottom of my dress that when I lifted up durning the day I noticed it. A beautiful gesture that I will never forget.


What is the greatest lesson your children have taught you?

Enjoy the time you have with them, they grow up so fast. My two now at 15 and 16 I am so glad that I made the time to do the holidays or just time at home with them. Soon they will be on their own adventures. I now know that life is not a dress rehearsal and you need to have a balance to your work and family life.


What is the perfect Mothers Day gift that you like to receive?

I don’t care what I get, but I love the thought behind it. I just love when my kids and husband think it will get a laugh, or just that they really think that I would love it because they really know their Mum.


What is your perfect idea of happiness?

I know this sounds stupid but if everyone is happy! When the family and work life are happy, with what I have cooked them, or what they are doing with the week. If the restaurant and staff are in sync. A cheeky adventure scuba diving is my most happy place….. now my family are all divers so we can do this together.


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