Join us in welcoming Javitri, a new Indian restaurant to open it’s door on King William Road. A modern Indian restaurant taking a modern approach to traditional Indian, nestled in the original home of Assaggio.

What is Javitri?

It’s contemporary, modern and progressive Indian food which takes us on culinary tour of India. Carefully paired flavors, fine art of plating represents the new era of modern Indian cuisine.

There is a modern approach to the traditional delicacies which enhance the level of cuisine. There is an introduction of western ingredients like truffle oil, granola, and Goat cheese which mingle with appropriate flavors on the plate to deliver the best culinary experience.

This is an endeavor to replace rustic Indian flavours with delicate and subtle palate. This is a modified Indian food which is nutritionally balanced.

Cooking techniques like sous vide, confit, dehydrating which are very uncommon in Indian cuisine have been logically used to derive the best results. It is a modern flair of newly discovered flavours with global inspiration. 





Founder and Head Chef of Javitri, Prashant Penkar, brings 12 years of unparalleled experience within the professional culinary world and an abundance of global knowledge to food haven King William Road. Prashant began his career in the esteemed Oberoi hotels and resorts,  including India’s most awarded fine dining restaurant, ZIYA in Mumbai.

Expanding his career in a 1 Michelin starred restaurant in London and working alongside Michelin starred chefs Adriano Baldassarre at Vetro and Francesco Apreda, these foundations have enhanced Prashant’s passion for fine food and sparked his progressive mindset toward his national cuisine.

Having lived in Adelaide for couple years, Prashant is eager to take his diners on a culinary journey through India with the best Australian produce; Javitri’s modern Indian kitchen will surprise you through twists of temperature, harmonious seasonal flavours and creatively presented dishes.


 “My philosophy for food is not a fusion, it is keeping Indian food contemporary and progressive; we use Indian food as our core foundation. What makes Javitri unique is every component on your plate has meaning and thought behind it, it is presented with our food philosophy.” – Prashant Penkar