Many of us know Nicki as our go-to stylist at Wild Child and over the 24 years (Yes, Nicki has been at Wild child for 24-years) she has worked with Wild Child founder and personal mentor, Carol to create the Wild Child that we still continue to know and love today.

Nicki, your go-to stylist at Wild Child

Just as Wild Child has been an ever changing and growing business over the years on King William Road, you too have changed from the days when you first started. You are now balancing the joys of being a Mum to two boys as well as staying on top of the latest fashion, how do you stay motivated? 

My daily motivation is seeing the look on someone’s face when I’ve made them feel that bit more confident and beautiful. I get to connect daily with some amazing women not only the women I work with but the ones that I get to style who trust me and allow to do what I’ve loved doing for 24 years.

Nicki with her two boys

How do you balance motherhood and running your own business?

I balance motherhood and running my business with the amazing support of my ‘village’ my husband, mother, mother-in-law, sister In law and both my sisters help me on a weekly basis with school pick ups and baby sitting while i work towards creating our future.


What is your constant inspiration?

My inspiration to make a career out of retail is my long time boss Carolyn Foord. I worked along side her for the first 10 years and watched how hard and tirelessly she worked to build this amazingly successful  business, I learnt from Carol and the love of fashion came naturally so it was my chosen path. Carol has been a mother figure to me.

Wild Child Style Lab
Nicki with Wild Child founder and mentor, Carol at fashion week

What does Mothers Day look like for you at home?

Mother’s Day for me will start with coffee, kisses, cuddles and cards in bed. I then love to get the two women who do so much for me my Mum and mother-in-law over for breakfast. Then the rest of the day is spent just with my little family enjoying the simple things like going to the park or relaxing in the backyard.


What is one of your favourite memories with your Mum?

One if my favourite memories with my beautiful Mum is the regular beach visits to Glenelg she used to take myself and my sisters in when we were little. As hard as going to the beach with 3 children was she would always do it for us and to this day I reminisce every time I’m down at Glenelg beach.


What is the one of the biggest lessons you have learn’t since becoming a Mum.

Those who know me know I’m used to being in control and a creature of habit! (24 years same job) so when I became a mother I had to learn that I can’t control their journey. I can guide and help protect them but I have sit back and watch them grow make their own mistakes to learn from. This by far has been my biggest lesson.

Nicki wear white jumpsuit from Wild Child

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