In early 2019, Nido opened on King William Road and has been talked about ever since. Chef, Max Sharrad is serving up delicious dishes of all sizes from bite-sized dishes to 750 gram steaks. In the cosy dining setting, which is perfect for the cooler days, you can enjoy dining with friends or take a front-row seat to the kitchen and enjoy seeing Max and his team create each dish.

For the month of June as part of King William Road’s Food & Wine Sessions, Nido are inviting you to lunch. You can share and enjoy 2-courses and a glass of wine for $45. Making it the perfect place to meet friends for lunch.

To learn a little more about the new face of King William Road, we chatted with chef, Max about the inspiration for Nido and she has also shared a few secrets where he finds the best produce.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a boy I think I always had a passion for entertaining people. There wasn’t anything I would go around saying but if I had to pinpoint it, entertaining would be it!

What’s your earliest food memory?

My earliest food memory would have to be something out of my Nonna or Papa’s (Grandfather) bags of tricks. From Nonna, it would have to be polenta with a hearty meat ragu and Papa would be homemade sausage rolls or pasties.


Why did you become a chef?

I became a chef because I love to cook and I love to make people happy.

Who are your favourite chefs?

There are a few, Jamie Oliver is somebody I really look up to. Even now his enthusiasm and energy is so contagious; you can feel his passion through the screen. Marco Pierre White is another, slightly more serious but just as passionate.

Who has influenced your cooking the most?

I think the customer has influenced my cooking the most. I have tried to always keep them in mind when coming up with something new or different.


How did you get your start in the restaurant industry?

I began washing dishes at The Esplanade Hotel with my first Head Chef Carmine. He told me to do my apprenticeship so I listened and got my start as an apprentice at The Lion Hotel in North Adelaide.

Can you tell me a little about your journey to opening your restaurant?

I believe this whole thing started when one morning Simon (Kardachi) came into the restaurant on his usual coffee round and we started chatting about cooking pasta. That set the wheels in motion and I was unable to stop thinking about it after that moment. I think I got a little bit obsessed with it actually!

Where does the name come from?

Nido is Italian for Nest.


How would you describe the restaurant?

We are a pasta and aperitivo bar. We have a large menu ranging for bit sized fingers to 750g T-Bone Steaks.

What are your signature dishes? 

There are a few which we probably can’t take off the menu but ‘Rootello Bonnato’ is a creation of mine which I am pretty proud of. Another would have to be the Lamb Ragu with peppers and chilli.

What is the most popular dish on the menu?

Gnocco Fritto – Fried Dough. Its just fried focaccia dough but damn it’s good! Nothing too special about it other than superfine flour and high quality olive oil, salt and flour.

Is there an ingredient you use a lot that would surprise people?

Japanese Mayonnaise.

Where do you source your produce?

We source about 30% of our Fruit and Veg from Ngeringa Organic Farm just out of Mt Barker. Our butcher is Ian Shaw from Ellis Butchers in McLaren Vale.

Do you two have any farmer’s markets you like to visit?

I thing the Willunga Farmers markt is a good one, as is Wayville on a Sunday morning. I like going to the Stirling Markets every second to last Sunday of the month as well.

Throughout the month of June, you can experience all King William Road has to offer in food as part of Food & Wine Sessions. Visit Nido for lunch from Monday to Friday for a 2-course dining experience or click HERE to view all of the sessions that are happening on King William Road.