Working at SILK we really notice the seasons. Laser Hair Removal is incredibly popular in winter and as soon as the sun starts to shine, and the days become longer we get inundated with bookings for skin treatments.

The wedding and party season are a big part of this and clients often want to look and feel their best for an occasion or simply because they are out and about more.

There are some fantastic ‘quick wins’ when it comes to treating your skin, but we recommend to always work backwards from the date of your event to allow for any down time.

Some favourite treatments that can be done as close as the day before include:


OK so there are ‘Dermal Peels’ and there are ‘Dermal Peels’…. Peels are great for exfoliating the skin and infusing the nutrient rich ingredients for a variety of skin concerns.  The exfoliation allows the skin to absorb the nutrients much more effectively.

We have some advanced peels that go further in removing skin, but these involve prepping the skin and can have down time of a few days due the shedding of the skin so steer clear of these before any big social occasions. For an event we’d recommend our ‘Exfoliating Peel’ or if you use advanced skin care at home our ‘Pigment Peel’. Your SILK Technician will be able to advise you.

Dermal Peels: $89 – $109



LED is brilliant. It’s so relaxing and there is no down time at all. The LED Light delivers precise wavelengths for promoting skin rejuvenation the light penetrates to a cellular level stimulating the healing mechanisms of the skin. It is completely safe and suitable for all skin types.

If you are experiencing a break out or acne we recommend ‘LED Acne’. The blue light actually kills the bacteria under the skin, is pain free and will assist in clearing pimples and acne.

LED Rejuvenate: $69 – Add to another skin treatment for $49
LED Acne $99


Micros are so popular because they leave you feeling great! You will walk out feeling clean and fresh as our machine removes dead skin and impurities. After a microdermabrasion your skin will feel noticeably softer and glow!

Microdermabrasion $89
There are some great additions to really ramp up your treatment:


Now this treatment really is a close shave! Client’s with soft downy hair that cannot be treated with laser love this treatment. We use a scalpel to remove the fine hairs from the face and remove dead surface skin leaving the skin smooth and soft.

It’s popular before big events where you want your makeup to sit evenly. There is a common misconception that your hair will grow back thicker. This is not the case the hair will grow back, and the tip will be blunt as it’s been cut by the blade rather than tapered like an uncut hair.

Full Face $129


At SILK we offer clients a FREE skin analysis. This is a great way for us to understand your skin concerns and work out the best treatments and at home skin care regime to get noticeable results.
Many of our clinics have the Observ 520 camera, an fantastic tool to check oil, pigmentation and hydration levels of the skin. It’s will help set you on the right path to get skin you love.


Be sure to check our price list for current offers.

See you in clinic soon and enjoy the party season!