This Autumn, we spent a day with Pippa Wanganeen (Instagram: @pippawanganeen) on King William Road as we slowed down the pace and enjoyed time at all of Pippa’s favourite locations. Starting with a little bit of pampering at Blow Dry Bar, we then took a browse through the fashion boutiques, including Denim Iniquity and Designer Exchange, where Pippa picked up a beautiful dress that can be layered with a jacket so it’s perfect as the nights start to cool down.

Following the fashion, we visited Husk for unique homewares and their own collection of beauty products including handcream.

At the end of the day, we sat down at the Fox Gordon cellar door to learn a little more about Pippa and what life with her three girls looks like and how she spends her days.

Pippa Wanganeen
AT Blow Dry Bar | Jacket: Camilla & Marc AT Denim Iniquity | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What is a day in the life of you?

A day in the life of me is, sometimes exhausting, but fun! It starts with coffee, always. My husband Gavin, gets the little girls up in the morning and brings me a coffee. This gives me a moment to wake and gather my thoughts for the day ahead, but it is nearly always interrupted by three beautiful little creatures (Kitty, Lulu and Posey), and I do not mind one bit!

The next part involves a mad dash around the house, chasing little girls and getting them dressed, getting ready ourselves and rushing out the door. Depending on the day, there may be swimming lessons to get to, kindy drop off, music group, or school drop off for Gavin’s older son.

Afterwards, we may head out for brunch for a planning session, before we go our separate ways for meetings and appointments.  Gavin and I are fortunate in that we work together on many of our projects, so we will usually meet up again later in the day, before collecting the girls and Tex, and taking them to a park or home for an early dinner.

We may then have an evening function to attend, which we usually do together, otherwise, once the girls are in bed by 7pm, we get all the washing and admin done, and watch a few episodes of a tv series together. Right now, we’re watching The Crown. I’m way more into it than Gavin!

Pippa Wanganeen
AT Sonder Hair, wearing Denim Iniquity dress and fur | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What have you been working on at the moment?

My husband, is an artist, and since he began painting, I have found myself managing his career and running the business. Gavin has a solo exhibition coming up at the Hill-Smith Gallery in April, so while he paints, I have been busy behind the scenes organising everything else. It’s pretty exciting, and I really enjoy the whole process of the marketing and branding of Gavin Wanganeen Art, and absolutely love seeing what he creates. If only we could keep all the artwork, it makes the house look so much better!

I am also a voluntary ambassador for Foodbank SA, and help the team plan and promote upcoming events and programs. I particularly love any of the programs aimed at helping children. There is a fantastic new Superhero program they have launched, which is a gorgeous way to get children involved in helping others, while educating them on the importance of healthy eating and food wastage. It is very satisfying to know that we are making a positive impact on peoples lives when we help those in need access food, especially when those most vulnerable, are children.

Pippa Wanganeen
AT Husk | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What is your favourite beauty fix?

Nothing makes you feel better than great hair, clear skin and a fresh mani/pedi. I recently had a fab blowdry from The Blowdry Bar on King William Road, followed by a pedicure at Medi Pedi. These two simple experiences make you feel instantly rejuvenated, pampered and refreshed. Sometimes, for Mother’s Day or my birthday Gavin will give me a voucher to use at Endota Spa, also on King William Road, and for a few lovely hours your mind, body and soul are restored in the most peaceful, relaxing way.


What is your favourite travel destination?

I have always loved travel, and spent most of my twenties living abroad and traveling, which I’m very grateful for. For a family holiday though, I love going to my mother’s beach house at Encounter Bay or camping on Wardang Island on the York Peninsula. Both places are the destinations of many happy times with Gavin and myself, our three daughters Kitty, Lulu and Posey, and Gavin’s two older children, Mia and Tex.

For an international destination, I really love Africa. I lived in South Africa for five years, and a part of me will always feel homesick for that country, particularly Cape Town. There is a beat to Africa, like no other. It is a vibrant, exciting and ever changing continent with some extraordinary wildlife, incredible people and a place rich in history. It is a must see destination!

Pippa Wanganeen
AT Husk | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What’s the secret to a good photo?

With platforms like instagram, we are looking at photos and capturing our own more than ever before. I love aesthetics, so I really enjoy creating content for my instagram page and find I get the most engagement when an image is styled but not in a pretentious way. For example, I like to capture a beautiful setting, gorgeous fashion, and show a little bit of real life too (a toddler tantrum is always a good one). I like the image to feel relaxed and be authentic. If you are feeling happy, then smile! If there are other stories playing out, then it is wonderful and captivating to show that too.


What are you go to fashion stores on King William Road?

I love Denim Iniquity, having shopped there years ago as a teen when I lived within walking distance of King William Road, and still love shopping there now! They have beautiful luxe but attainable fashion, that is on trend and fun. I also love Designer Exchange (have you seen their fur coats in Winter? Amazing!). Muse Boutique, is home to high-end designer brands like Balmain, Saint Laurant and The Row. I mainly dream when I go in there, but it is a beautiful dream…

Husk, is also a go to where I pick up divine relaxed basics and statement pieces that I find very relevant in my life as a busy Mother of three small girls, and Wild Child has a great selection of current, edgy fashion (and beautiful formal gowns) that I love to wear. But honestly, there are so many more wonderful fashion stores along KWR, whatever your occasion or need, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

AT Denim Iniquity | Photography: Kirsty Burns
AT Denim Iniquity | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What is your hidden gem on King William Road?

Oscar and Willow. I love this shop for its divine furniture and outdoor pots, gorgeous range of baby goods, and lovely leather boots. It’s an all rounder I visit for interior inspiration, and gorgeous last minute gifts for myself (haha), and others too.


Where do you find your coffee fix?

There are so many spots to choose from! I love Nutrition Republic but my absolute favourite new find is By Blackbird. They do absolutely beautiful pastries, have a gorgeous atmosphere, and make a really fab coffee. The best part? Once you’ve finished your coffee, you can wander next door to Fox Gordon Cellar Door and do a wine tasting. Can you imagine a more perfect way to spend an afternoon?

AT King William Road, wearing dress from Designer Exchange | Photography: Kirsty Burns


Pippa Wanganeen
AT Designer Exchange | Photography: Kirsty Burns

What do you always find surprising about your time on King William Road?

I am often surprised at how much variety there is in terms of retail, restaurants, cafes and experiences. There are so many wonderful businesses there. It is such a lovely destination for shopping either for some quiet time on my own, with my children or with girlfriends who I often meet up with in the area. Gavin and I also love to spend time there as a couple, and quite often in the Winter months enjoy going to Melt, The Pot, or Parisi’s for a lovely cosy dinner together.


A quick 5 minutes….

1. Must have fashion item for Winter

A faux fur stole.. I will throw it over everything from jeans and a tee to formal evening wear, and instantly feel glam and stay warm

2. Go to beauty fix for life on-the-go

Blush! Even with a bare face, a dab of blush on the apples of your cheeks makes you look fresh and bright

3. What do you always carry in your handbag?

Since becoming a Mother, I always carry wipes. I cannot tell you how handy they are, and I’m not quite sure how I ever lived without them! But upon looking in my bag, actually, there are quite a number of random things in there, like crayons, hair bows, a small bunny and three lifesavers (thanks Kitty)..


AT Fox Gordon, wearing Denim Iniquity dress | Photography: Kirsty Burns