Ros opened Denim Iniquity on King William Road a little over 35-years ago and has not just survived, but thrived when facing the many ups and downs that are faced by any small business. Ros now shares this thriving business with daughter Lou, as Denim Iniquity continues to deliver the latest fashion from local and international designers like Anine Bing to Camilla & Marc and more to it’s many loyal customers.

Ros & Lou of Denim Iniquity

Denim Iniquity has continued to evolve over it’s 35 years and it’s no secret that those running a small business are among the hardest working Australians. How do you balance motherhood with the day to day demands of Denim Iniquity.

LouThis is a constant work in progress!?? I don’t always balance. As the family has grown up things have changed. Being in business with my mother certainly has helped, Mum would often run off to school pick ups for me or would absolutely understand if I came to work sleep deprived after a night up nursing babies.

Ros: Luckily I’m at the stage of my life where it’s my kids that have to learn how the balance motherhood and running a business. Ive also been lucky, my husband has always understood my need of flexibility.


What motivates you everyday?

LouI honestly look forward to coming to work because I genuinely enjoy the company of the people I work with and our customers who after 36 plus years have developed into friends. I must also confess that fashion is in my blood, I love working with it and love styling our customers and seeing them walk out thrilled with their new look.

Ros: My staff and customers, I love and look forward to seeing them everyday. They’re what gets me out of bed.

Enjoying a manicure at MediPedi Nail Spa

Who inspired you to get you where you are today?

LouMy mother and father. Both Mum and Dad instilled a strong work ethic in our family. They have both run business’ our whole lives so we grew up talking business around our kitchen table.

Ros: My mother – she was a loving soul and put up with a lot in life but still saw the beauty in everything.


How do you plan to spend Mothers Day with your family?

LouWe usually have a big family lunch or brunch, however this year a lot of the extended family will be away so it will be a lot smaller than usual.

Ros: Breakfast with my son and his family.


Can you share a favourite memory with your mum?

LouAs Mum and I have worked together my whole adult life we have many great memories. Our business has allowed us to travel together too. Some of the memorable moments are the funny nights spent sharing hotel beds.

Ros: Listening to her play the piano with lots of laughter.

Ros & Lou shopping the beauty products at MediPedi Nail Spa on King William Road

What is the greatest lesson your children have taught you?

LouUnconditional love.

Ros: Patience.


What is the perfect Mothers Day gift that you like to receive?

LouTime. Time with the family is all I really want.

Ros: Something special that I wouldn’t buy myself but love!


What is your perfect idea of happiness?

LouSomeone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.

Ros: A healthy and loving family

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