Introducing John Brooks, a consulting Industrial Designer by day who embraces his spare time to create incredible sketches that are larger than life.

Using charcoal and conte to create shape and form, each piece comes together with great attention to detail as John describes his approach as “to me, it’s more than capturing a realistic image of an object or item, it’s not about creating a fish or a feather, it’s about capturing & expressing the subtle shape and form of each object.”

John started his training in figure drawing in first year at Design School. The subject wasn’t continued into the following years so John would sneak into the evening drawing classes to keep up his skills. He has only recently moved into drawing natural objects and small creatures.

You can view John’s work on King William Road at Skins & Things for the month of August, during SALA or find him on Instagram at @J_S_Brooks.

Pick up a flyer when you’re on the street for a guide of all the artist on King William Road, or download the guide online here.