St. Louis opens on King William Road

St Louis Hyde Park


Established in 2012, St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert, brought to Adelaide a Parisian inspired experience from the classic French interior design of the stores, and the taste for fresh, unique, and succulent sweets.

Now in their sixth year of operation, St. Louis is once again, the new kid on the block, officially opening their first, two-story store in Hyde Park, with a bookshelf the length of the Eiffel Tower!

Franchisees Vanessa and Amrit state, “We absolutely adored our very first visit to St. Louis in Gouger Street. Our entire experience, from the customer service, to the quality of the desserts, has been embedded in our minds since and we just couldn’t escape it! That was when we first started thinking about being part of the St. Louis team. The next day, we rang George and now here we are today, opening up our very own store!”

St. Louis has been a favourite for our fellow Adelaidians, and foreign patrons located in Manila, the Philippines, to indulge in sweet, delicious and exotic treats! Therefore, to celebrate this grand opening, St. Louis Hyde Park will be hosting a private cocktail event on Friday the 8th of June, between 7:00pm-9:00pm, with a champagne Bubbly Bar and a grazing table catered by Oh Happy Graze!

But the goods won’t stop there! Why not try Archies Cookie Crunch? A dessert layered with shortbread cookies, melted Nutella, fresh strawberries and Cookies and Cream ice-cream. Or maybe you’d prefer an Oh La La Chocolat? A warm, rich chocolate fondant, dark chocolate paint, chocolate soil, fresh strawberries, meringue and Nutella, served with our Chocolate Noir ice-cream. Order any one dessert you like off the Dessert Creations menu to help mend your sugar fix!

To celebrate their opening, St. Louis Hyde Park will be providing FREE ice-cream to all customers that visit the store during 3:00pm and 5:00pm on Saturday 9th of June!