Brought to you from the team at Goodpress Juicery

The temperature has dropped and the cold weather is wreaking havoc on almost every part of your life – your mood, energy levels – everything down to your skin + hair.

But there’s no reason to let winter totally overcome you. Below are our top tips on how to handle our least favourite season.


1. Don’t let hibernation wreck your awesome eating habits

So you’re indulging in a little more comfort food than usual, however you can make it easier on yourself by stocking up on healthy staples, ensuring you always have them on hand.

Our new raw wraps – made completely from dehydrated veggies – make the perfect grab-and-go lunch. These bad boys have been flying off the shelf, so get in quick!

As always too, we are well-stocked with our favourite chia puddings for that perfect healthy brekky, plus all your other faves.


2. Give yourself permission to get a massage and sleep in

There is nothing wrong with making time for self-care in the colder months (or in the warmer months for that matter!). Capitalise on the cold weather by indulging in some much needed R&R.

3. Get Outside.

It may seem counterintuitive, but spending time outdoors is especially important in Winter, Getting some much needed Vitamin D from the Winter sun is essential during the dreary months. Plus, there’s nothing like a fresh winter breeze to make you feel alive.


4. Don’t beat yourself up

You’ve missed three morning workouts in a row, and you’re hitting the carbs like there’s no tomorrow, but self-judgement does more harm than good.

There’s always a Goodpress juice cleanse to detox those winter blues and get you feeling good as new. They offer free delivery to most suburbs too, so hit them up at for to place your order!