You only have to step inside the doors at Bottega Rotolo on King William Road to appreciate not only appreciate the gourmet produce that you will find but the overall experience. The purpose built cheese room keeping their small goods and cheeses at the perfect temperature all day and all night is a reflection on founder, Rosalie Rotolo Hassan’s passion for exceptional quality.

For the month of June, we are celebrating the food and dining experiences that you will find along King William Road, and throughout the month you can visit Bottega Rotolo on Friday afternoons from 3pm and enjoy a taste from their selection of Italian red wines, and we guarantee that once you are there you won’t walk away empty handed.

It’s impossible to leave without a sample of their produce, whether cheese is your ultimate indulgence or taste of Venchii Italian chocolate, they have it all.


We chatted to Rosalie to learn a little more about Bottega Rotolo


Who influenced & inspired your decision to open Bottega Rotolo?

My parents owned an iconic continental store, Athens Continental, in the Central Markets for many years. They have shared a lifelong passion for fine food. I worked alongside them after school and in holidays for much of my childhood. This early influence and the knowledge I acquired beside them, laid the foundations for the business that has evolved to be the Bottega Rotolo of the current era. 

Where does the name ‘Bottega Rotolo’ come from? 

Bottega Rotolo simply translates as Shop of the Rotolo’s – named for Rosalie’s family.

How would you describe the shopping experience?

Our flagship retail store focusses on knowledge of the products we sell, with a dedication to personal service. The team has extensive food knowledge and can advise on interesting food combinations and can provide advice on the best developed cheese at any time.

Where did the concept for the store originate from?

Inspiration for the flagship store was derived from visits to food stalls, and providores throughout Europe. The products drive the direction of the store, and they are the stars in a modern European aesthetic.

What are your signature products?

Ortiz – A Spanish company which draws on a tradition founded in the 1900s on the coast of Basque Country. The fifth generation of the family now produce the tuna, mussels and anchovies that has earned them world renown.

Anchovies have been the star product for Ortiz. Using the best of the anchovy catch, the fish are hand sized and hand filleted and then traditionally salt packed. 

Omed – Abrequino Spanish Extra virgin Olive Oil

Abrequino is a varietal oil, which exhibits green hue to the eye, and has an aroma of green fruit that lends a unique layer to the flavours of a grilled fish, or any salad dressing. Its distinctive flavours are preserved by the white ceramic bottle it is housed in, as it is protected from the impact of sunlight. 

Venchi Chocolate – A standout product from the extensive Venchi range is the slabs of milk and dark chocolate that draw a flavour from the distinctive taste and aroma of the Piemonte Hazelnuts. The Piemonte IGP hazelnuts are a varietal of nut native to the area.

Is there an ingredient you recommend a lot that would surprise people?

The Leonardi White Balsamic infused with fresh vanilla pod. Our clients enjoy it in the summer, using it to macerate fresh local berries; or drizzled over grilled peaches – lending the dish a distinct agro dolce (sweet and sour), a very traditional Italian flavour combination.

Where do you source your produce?

Bottega’s focus is selecting the best of the produce we find in travels to Italy, France and Spain. The purpose-built cheese room is replenished every 3 weeks with cheeses air freighted from Europe.

What product do you find customers are always coming back for?

The Leonardi Oro Nobile is one product that attracts a loyal following; it’s a white version of the more familiar dark balsamic from the Modena area. Made from the must of the Trebbiano grape, it can be used in place of a normal wine vinegar; its softer, rounder, sweeter flavour profile lends any dish another layer of complexity.

The Oro Nobile is versatile condiment and is excellent in all salad dressings, the vinegar works particularly well with the winter salad greens we’re enjoying now. It’s also a lovely dressing with chopped shallots to drizzle on freshly shucked oysters.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Italian wine selection you have available?

We only stock wines from Italy in-store. The offerings include wines from all over the country, with a focus on wines that showcase the indigenous grape varietals of regional Italy.

Bottega has a strong focus on Prosecco from the Veneto region; each style produced in the region can be found in our collection.

Throughout the month of June, you can experience all King William Road has to offer in food as part of Food & Wine Sessions. Visit Bottega Rotolo on Friday afternoons from 3pm for a wine tasting experience or click HERE to view all of the sessions that are happening on King William Road.

Bottega Rotolo