With Winter well on the way, it’s time to prepare and escape the chilly temperatures and hibernate indoors. This also means we have the opportunity to reinvent our interiors and decor to create a warm, welcoming environment to welcome the cooler months and here are some tips for styling your home for Winter.

Home is where the heart is.

Warmth is the key concept for winter styling – both physically and in the mood of your home. The specialists from Poppy & Pear Homewares believe that any interior design should represent as an extension of yourself because, “A cosy home is not just about looks, it is related to how furniture and decor can enhance a sense of familiarity… Your home must primarily reflect who you are, and the rest will slowly fall into place.”  

Image courtesy of Eadie Lifestyle at Oscar & Willow


Layering and Texture

The home styling experts from Oscar and Willow emphasise the importance of creating an immersive sensory experience, “Incorporating textural layers to a room is the easiest way to achieve that cosiness we all crave when the mercury drops.” The team recommend starting from the ground up by adding a fluffy oversized floor rug, then integrating chunky throw rugs and statement cushions, “These pieces can quickly alter the feel of a space and are a great investment as they can easily be changed up from room to room.”

Colour choices are another simplistic yet effective method to add warmth into the home. “2018 trends appear to embrace colours with plenty of personality,” explains Poppy & Pear. “This year is all about the brights, with a few earthy neutrals to even out the palate. Colours have the subtle ability to elicit various emotions and moods, so use seasonal tones to create a warm feel in your interiors.”

The creative team at Wheel&Barrow suggest incorporating Speckled Stoneware to exentuate the organic trend and add a home-made ambiance. Black tribal patterns teamed with tan and/or wood will also add warmth to your home.


Bringing the outdoors in

During the winter months, we naturally spend more time inside so bringing an element of the outdoors into the home can introduce a holistic atmosphere. “Include organic materials where possible – think jute baskets, rattan furniture or sea grass baskets,” Oscar and Willow advise. “These pieces add texture and an earthy touch to the space.”

Wheel&Barrow understand that greenery is a popular trend at the moment, so “for those who don’t have a green thumb, faux plants in pots are the perfect alternative.” Adding greenery to any space breaks up blank walls or corners and provides a lively focal point.

The King William Road traders unanimously agree that lighting is an imperative component of winter styling. Adding a new floor or table lamp will create an inviting ambience whilst introducing more light to your home on grey days. Finally, add a finishing touch with your favourite candles in Wintery scents of magnolia, oakmoss and musk – the flicker of the light and sumptuous scent will instantly bring a sense of calm and warmth!

Image courtesy of Eadie Lifestyle at Oscar & Willow

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